Korolev's spherical panoramas

Photographer Sadykov Vyacheslav

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The main entry in the park near DK Kalinina

It is strange that the main entrance to the park is situated in the backside of the recreation centre named after Kalinin, because im my opinion it is used much more rarely than the entrance from the Oktyabrskaya Street side for example. It is funny but this gates to the park with the colonnade reminds the gates to the park near the Smolny Palace in saint Petersburg,the picture of which I have posted on a website in Saint Petersburg section quite recently

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  Quicktime-version of the panorama, the point of view on Google Map and comments you can see here >>>

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©2007 Sadykov Vyacheslav

Special thanks for the help to Grabchuck Nikolay, Kagyrin Sergey and Rusakov Eugeny