Moscow's spherical panoramas

Photographer Sadykov Vyacheslav

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Electrical Plant, Elektrozavodskaya street and place of Nosovs family

I was taking this picture not just because I wanted to show you the Electrical plant but mostly because I would like you to see this lovely mansion with beautiful fence. This mansion is the city place
of Nosovs family who were manufacturers and who started textile manufacturing in 1829.
Wife of one of the Nosovs who had a great artistic taste decorated the mansion. It is a pity that the mansion is not seen very clearly because of the fence surrounding it but I hope you still can get a foretaste of it. Picture has been taken on May 21, 2007

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  Quicktime-version of the panorama, the point of view on Google Map and comments you can see here >>>


©2007 Sadykov Vyacheslav

Special thanks for the help to Grabchuck Nikolay, Kagyrin Sergey and Rusakov Eugeny