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Photographer Sadykov Vyacheslav

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Liccabon. Oriente. Decade - 2.

In the Oriente region near the entrance to the shopping mall Vasco da Gamma is bike hire and quad-bike. Quad-biking is such a four-wheel machine, which you sit down, pedal and ride. Many people take them to hire and ride it across the Oriente. When I was shooting a panorama near this fountain, there came a few guys at these kvadropedah and started to drive straight to the fountain, they enjoyed it immensely, as the wheels slipped on the wet marble and the guys there are not so bad skid. It seems that this phenomenon is called drift. :)

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  Quicktime-version of the panorama, the point of view on Google Map and comments you can see here >>>

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Special thanks for the help to Grabchuck Nikolay, Kagyrin Sergey and Rusakov Eugeny