spherical panoramas

Photographer Sadykov Vyacheslav

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Cruiser Aurora, on-board (2)

I guess that panoramic pictures taken on-board turned out to be the most difficult to make from the technical point of view.
It was due to 2 main factors: First of all, there’s close foreground.
It complicates panorama assembling a lot if you make a slightest mistake in camera position. Second, there were a lot of tourists
who walked to and fro changing their positions and turning up in different places in different shots.

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  Quicktime-version of the panorama, the point of view on Google Map and comments you can see here >>>

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©2007 Sadykov Vyacheslav

Special thanks for the help to Grabchuck Nikolay, Kagyrin Sergey and Rusakov Eugeny