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Photographer Sadykov Vyacheslav

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Entry to the garden near Smolny from Proletarskoy diktatury square

The most known place in Saint Petersburg (Former Leningrad) for all soviet people is Smolny. It used to be a Smolny Institute of Noble Maidens, but Smolny is a more clear and more revolutionary name :) I did not dare to take pictures near the building because there were a lot of security guards as the building is governmental. I had taken a picture near the entry to the garden near Smolny and I think the result is quite good. Although the declining sun makes Smolny too light, it can also be seen deep in the alley.

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  Quicktime-version of the panorama, the point of view on Google Map and comments you can see here >>>

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Special thanks for the help to Grabchuck Nikolay, Kagyrin Sergey and Rusakov Eugeny