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The map of chapter Сферические панорамы Ульяновска

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Сферические панорамы Ульяновска
    Ulyanovskiy regional artistic museum of I.A. Goncharova (Regional and artistic museum)
    View on a bridge through Volga from the park Drujby
    Park Drujby along the naberezhnoy river of Volga
    Monument to Bogdan Khitrovo - founder of Simbirska (now Ulyanovsk)
    Monument to the soldier lost in Beslan on an area
    Area before the Leninist memorial
    Native house of V.I. Lenina
    A hall of solemn measures is in the Leninist memorial
    In the museum of V.I. Lenina (3)
    In the museum of V.I. Lenina (2)
    In the museum of V.I. Lenina
    Museum-memorial of V.I.Lenina
    Monument near a hotel Venets
    The bridge of the ones in love near Venets hotel
    Hotel Venets

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